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Free: How to watch South Park The Streaming Wars special for free online — release date and time


No, Comedy Central will not be airing this South Park special.

Image credit: South Park via YouTube

A more “normal” viewing experience than the past South Park Paramount Plus specials is almost here. According to the teaser trailer, this special is all about a South Park dispute that has been running for years.

“South Park” What really matters is Eric Cartman and his mother getting into a fight. Cartman and his mother lock horns in a battle of wills as an epic struggle unfolds, threatening South Park’s entire survival, according to the official South Park website.



  • South Park The Streaming Wars debuts on Wednesday, June 1 at 3 a.m. ET.
  • • U.S. — Watch on Paramount Plus(opens in new tab) with the 1-week free trial(opens in new tab)
  • • Watch anywhere — try ExpressVPN 100% risk free

No, I’m just going on the trailer and the title. According to this episode’s storyline, Cartman is upset over something and is contemplating fleeing his house. Liane Cartman appears to be putting her foot down and refusing to pay for the best streaming services.

We doubt that Cartman will be able to find a place to stay like this anywhere, or that any of his pals will let him to do so. In the trailer, the only other character mentioned is Kenny, who Cartman yells at while standing in the distance.

It’s called South Park for a reason. It’s possible that The Streaming Wars is a Star Wars parody (Obi-Wan Kenobi is on Disney Plus right now). Since Paramount Plus is available on the greatest streaming devices, there’s no need to worry about getting it.


South Park: The Stick of Truth Anywhere on the planet, you can watch the Streaming Wars.

You don’t have to miss the South Park The Streaming Wars movie/special just because Paramount Plus isn’t available in your area (and it’s spreading). It’s not difficult to keep up with what the rest of the internet is up to. You can watch the show from any location using a VPN (virtual private network).

ExpressVPN is the finest VPN we’ve tested, according to our findings (opens in new tab). Most users will be satisfied with the service’s excellent compatibility with most devices and high-speed connection capabilities. It costs just $12.95 a month. In order to save even more money, you can sign up for a longer term of six months or one year.

Free South Park The Streaming Wars Special Streaming in the United States!

It’s possible for new customers to watch South Park The Streaming Wars for free for seven days with Paramount Plus. On Wednesday, at 3 a.m. Eastern Time / 12 a.m. Pacific Time, it will arrive (June 1).


There are 14 South Park specials planned for Paramount Plus, and this is the third one. Comedy Central will continue to air fresh seasons of the show, which will run for at least another 30 seasons. In order to avoid any confusion, Seasons 25 and 26 will run on HBO Max 24 hours after their Comedy Central airings.

Is South Park The Streaming Wars available in the United Kingdom?

Because there is no Paramount Plus in the United Kingdom, you may run into some difficulties with this purchase. A service like ExpressVPN(opens in new tab) can make your device appear to be located in the United States, even if you aren’t.

In Canada, Australia, and around the world, can you watch South Park: The Streaming Wars?

Does anyone outside the United States have access to South Park The Streaming Wars? It’s a complicated situation.


“The special will premiere Wednesday, June 1, and will also roll out across the Nordics, Latin America, Australia, and Canada,” according to a press release from South Park. It appears that the release date will be pushed out, as was the case last year.

Watch South Park The Streaming Wars on Paramount Plus when you’re abroad with a VPN service like ExpressVPN(opens in new tab). It will make it appear as if your device is in the United States.



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