Fitbit Charge 6 may look just like the previous generation

Expect a design resembling that of the Fitbit Charge 5

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The Fitbit Inspire 3 fitness tracker and the Fitbit Sense 2 and Versa 4 were introduced at the end of the previous month. The Fitbit Charge 6 was not mentioned in that event, but leaks and speculations indicate it will be released shortly. A recent report suggests that the Fitbit Charge 6 may resemble the Fitbit Charge 5 strikingly.

The Fitbit Charge 6 is “almost identical,” according to a source cited by Google, as the Charge 5. If so, the central tracker should have an aluminium shell, a curved glass display, and a slim design that doesn’t take up much space on your wrist.


The way the source describes it makes it sound like there could be a few minor design changes, but generally, it’s more likely to appear like the fitness tracker from the previous generation. Anyone planning to upgrade could be disappointed if such is the case. Similar to this, Fitbit created the Fitbit Charge 3 and Charge 4 with a strikingly similar design. Given that the Charge 5 is just a year old, it makes natural that Fitbit would decide to repeat the process with the current version. Additionally, the Charge 5’s design contributes to its prominence in our ranking of the top fitness trackers.

Nevertheless, the business doesn’t frequently update its wearables at this speed. Fitbit must have an intriguing change to offer Charge users that doesn’t pertain to the general design because we frequently have to wait a couple of years for a new edition of a Fitbit gadget. That may be the integration of a revolutionary fitness tracking system. We have no idea what it would be, although it might be one of its more specialised functions, like the Sense 2’s brand-new “Body Response” sensor that measures stress levels.

Little is recognised regarding the Fitbit Charge 6 as of now. Due to its constrained feature set and the fact that it doesn’t sound like any of Fitbit’s other previously unveiled devices, a device with the codename FB424 just showed up at the FCC. It is thought that this is the Charge 6. Expect something to come out soon, but given that Fitbit just unveiled three new products and the Charge 6 wasn’t among them, it might not happen until 2023.




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