Exclusive: Everything We Know About Spider-Man: Freshman Year


As of this writing, we don’t know anything about Spider-Man: Freshman Year’s premise, cast or even continuity setting.

Marvel’s Spider-Man, Peter Parker, is getting a new animated series, called Spider-Man: Freshman Year. It was once thought that Freshman Year was part of the main Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline, however the San Diego Comic-Con of 2022 indicates that this isn’t entirely the case. A fresh take on one of Marvel’s most well-known heroes, Freshman Year has startling ties to the MCU.

Many consider Spider-Man to be Marvel’s most popular character, with decades of comic books inspiring multiple film and television adaptations. Spider-Man, played by Tom Holland in Captain America: Civil War, was introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with only a brief allusion to his legendary origin story. There was a brief glimmer of hope that the MCU’s Spider-past Man’s would eventually be revisited in Freshman Year’s plot.


Spider-Man: Freshman Year’s plot, cast and release date were revealed at Marvel Studios’ animation panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2022. Freshman Year will follow the adventures of a new Peter Parker, while fans of Tom Holland’s incarnation in the MCU will recognize numerous similarities between the two. In the context of Freshman Year’s continuity setting, it will be able to use all of the Spider-Man mythos without conflicting with the rest of the MCU.

Spider-Man: Freshman Year Isn’t Going to Happen Tom Holland is a well-known figure in the

Despite the fact that Tom Holland is set to reprise his role as Spider-Man in upcoming films, some may wonder if he will voice the web-slinger in Freshman Year. A number of alternative Spider-Man voice actors, including Tom Holland, may easily take his place in Spider-Man: Freshman Year. In Marvel’s What If…?, Hudson Thames voices Spider-Man.

Spider-Man: Freshman Year’s cast includes anyone else in addition to Peter Parker?

In Freshman Year, Tom Holland’s dubbing of Spider-Man appears to be a hoax, although two other voice actors have been confirmed. Bentley Wittman, better known as the Wizard, is to be voiced by Paul F. Tompkins in the upcoming Marvel movie. Daredevil’s voice actor Charlie Cox will reprise his role as Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil, in the new Netflix series.


Details of Spider-Man: Freshman Year

Peter Parker’s superhero career will be examined in Freshman Year, which will draw on the early Silver Age Spider-Man comics and numerous Spider-Man film adaptations. The series will also have Norman Osborn as a mentor for Peter Parker, exactly like Tony Stark mentored Peter in the MCU. This confirms that Spider-Man: Freshman Year is set in a realm distinct from the MCU, yet it appears to have many parallels to the various universes presented in What If?

Date of Spider-Man: Freshman Year’s Release

Although Marvel Studious has made an encouraging announcement for the series, Freshman Year is still a long way from being released. Since it lacks a release date, the series is confirmed for at least one more season following its first run. The first season of Spider-Man: Freshman Year will premiere sometime in 2024, and the series will continue with Spider-Man: Freshman Year season 2, followed by Spider-Man: Sophmore Year, in 2025.

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