Elden Ring’s bosses are now D&D monsters


One fan of FromSoftware’s action RPG Elden Ring has constructed a set of fully-fledged monster stat blocks based on Elden Ring’s most notorious bosses for use in D&D.

(Image credit: Reddit u/Yrolc95 )

There are six demigods in Elden Ring, a series of fearsome bosses, and a fan of the game has created a set of tabletop monsters based on the demigods. Malenia, Godrick, Radahn, Mohg, Rykard, and Morgott have been given their own pages on Reddit, courtesy of user u/Yrolc95(opens in new tab). These pages detail each character’s stats, actions, and abilities in D&D 5E battle.

Malenia, for example, can perform four slashing attacks while sprinting ahead while performing her Waterfowl Dance. Both of her legendary actions – Quick Charge and Quick Retreat – match her quick fighting style, while her passive Draining Attack ability allows her to recover HP from melee assaults.


Similar to the video game’s boss fight, Rykard’s God-devouring Serpent has been built to mimic the Serpent. A magma pit surrounds him, and he has a wide range of Resistances and Immunities. The weakest of the monsters, Godrick the Grafted, is nonetheless capable of affixing a complete dragon’s head to his severed limbs.

Even the second-stage Elden Ring bosses’ stat blocks have been modeled after the D&D stat blocks. When you kill Malenia, two new Mythic Actions become available: Phantom Spirits, which allows you to summon four phantom duplicates of her, and Scarlet Aeonia, which allows you to divebomb your opponents before spawning a massive exploding flower in their direction.

(Image credit: Reddit u/Yrolc95)

In any case, they pay homage to some of Elden Ring’s most well-known bosses, even if the stat blocks themselves aren’t perfectly balanced. Interesting to note is how u/ability Yrolc95’s scores were dispersed. Only 10 Intelligence has been provided to Grodrick, although Starscourge Radahn has been developed with 26.



Fan-created material has been abundant for Elden Ring. In celebration of the anthropomorphic amphora, players began constructing miniature Pot Boys. In addition to that, there have been numerous Elden Ring mods released in the recent few months.

Dedicated fans have taken unique techniques to playing the game, such as connecting a real-life harp to the game’s controller. But it did. They beat Margit, the Fell Omen with nothing but the strings of their instrument.

It’s possible that D&D conversions are the most natural. Eldern Ring is ideally suited to being combined with a traditional tabletop RPG because of its expansive fantasy setting and voluminous arcane knowledge. Take Morgott to the mind theater instead of just defeating him in the video game.


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