Dragon Quest 11 spinoff Dragon Quest Treasures heads to Switch this fall


This fall, Dragon Quest Treasures for Nintendo Switch will be released by Square Enix, giving fans of the series a taste of something both familar and new. Erik and Mia, the game’s twin thieves, embark on a new adventure in this spinoff of the main Dragon Quest 11: Echoes of an Elusive Age quest, which launches on December 9.

A younger Erik and Mia are sent to the world of Draconia in Dragon Quest Treasures, where they will join forces with well-known Dragon Quest monsters in search of wealth. Erik and Mia will hunt down treasure, earn their gains, upgrade their home base, and search for even bigger riches with the help of their flying friends Purrsula and Porcus. Profit by repeating the process!

Dragon Quest Treasures was one of several new games set in the franchise that Square Enix unveiled last year. The Dragon Quest team is also working on a “HD-2D” version of Dragon Quest 3 and a brand-new game in the main series called Dragon Quest 12: The Flames of Fate.


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