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How to Download Apps on a Fire TV Stick Full Guide!

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This article describes how to download apps on a Fire TV Stick using the device or the Amazon website, as well as the different types of apps available. The instructions below apply to all Fire TV devices.

How to Search for and Install New Apps on Your Fire TV Stick

The Fire TV Stick interface’s App section is organised by category. To download an app, follow these steps:

  1. Connect your Fire TV Stick to an internet connection. It will not be able to download apps otherwise.
  2. Navigate to your Fire TV device’s home screen.
  3. Press and hold the right button on your remote until you reach the Apps section.
  4. Enter the Apps section by pressing down on your remote control, and then use the directional pad to find an app of interest. Press the button in the centre of the directional pad to select the app while it is highlighted.
  5. Press the button in the centre of the directional pad while Get is selected.
  6. Wait for the download to finish before launching the app, or return to the Apps section later to use the app whenever you want.

Important: If you’ve misplaced your Fire TV Stick’s remote, you can always use your phone as a replacement until you find it. It requires the installation of an app, but it is simple to set up and use.

How to Use the Search Function on a Fire TV Stick to Find and Download Apps

If you don’t see the app you want in the App section of your Fire TV interface, use the search function to find it. You can also use this function if you want to download an app from a different category.

If you don’t remember the name of an app but know what it does or what kind of content it has, you can search for it.

Here’s how to use the search function on a Fire TV Stick, or any other Fire TV device, to find and download apps:

  1. Navigate to your Fire TV Stick’s or any other Fire TV device’s home screen.
  2. To enter the search section, press left on the directional pad.A screenshot of the Fire TV search screen.The search section is represented by a magnifying glass. If you have a Fire TV remote with a built-in microphone, you can also perform searches by pressing the microphone button on the remote.
  3. enter the name of the app you’re looking for into the directional pad, then select it from the list.A screenshot of an app search on a Fire TV.You may not have to type the entire name of the app. If you see the app you’re looking for, and you’re not done typing, just press down on the directional keypad until you reach the name of the app you want.
  4. Locate the app you’re interested in, and press the button in the center of the directional keypad to select it.A screenshot of search results on a Fire TV.
  5. With Get selected, press the button in the center of the directional keypad to download the app.A screenshot of a Fire TV app download screen.
  6. Wait for the app to download and then launch it, or return to the Apps section later to use it whenever you want.

How to Download Apps from the Amazon Website to a Fire TV Stick

The Amazon website is another option for finding and downloading apps for Fire TV devices. This method is less convenient because you must use a computer rather than your Fire TV Stick. It is, however, simpler because you do not have to use the on-screen Fire TV keyboard to perform searches.

This method requires you to find an app on the Amazon website and then tell Amazon which device should download the app. Beyond that, everything is automated, so you don’t have to worry about any additional complicated steps.

Here’s how to use the Amazon website to find and download Fire TV apps:

  1. Using the web browser of your choice, navigate to amazon.com/appstore.A screenshot of the Amazon app store.You can also just search for your app on the main Amazon site, but navigating directly to the app store provides more relevant search results.
  2. Scroll down until you locate the Fire TV Model section in the left sidebar, and click the checkbox next to the type of Fire TV device you have.A screenshot of the Amazon app store showing the Fire TV model option.Skip this step if you don’t know what kind of Fire TV you have. Apps that aren’t compatible with your device may appear in search results, but you’ll be able to find out before you buy or download anything.
  3. Locate an app you’re interested in, and click it.A screenshot of Fire TV apps on the Amazon app store.If you’re looking for a specific type of app or have a specific app in mind, you can narrow the scope of the results by selecting a category from the left sidebar or searching for an app at the top of the page..
  4. Click the the down-down box located right under Deliver to.A screenshot of a Fire TV app on the Amazon app store.
  5. Select the Fire TV that you want to download the app, and click it.A screenshot of the device selection menu on the Amazon app store.If your Fire TV device isn’t listed in this menu, make sure you’re signed into the correct Amazon account. If you are signed into the correct account, the app will not work on your Fire TV device. Some apps are only compatible with Fire tablets..
  6. Click Get App.A screenshot of purchasing an app on the Amazon app store.
  7. Wait for your Fire TV to download the app, and then look for it in the Apps section.

What Kinds of Apps Can You Get for a Fire TV Stick?

All of the major streaming services have apps for the Fire TV Stick, and they are primarily focused on delivering video content. Apps for Netflix, Hulu, Paramount+, HBO, and most other streaming services are available.

There are also apps for music, such as Spotify, sports, news, and most other types of content that you can stream on a computer or other device. There are even web browsers, such as Firefox, and games that you can use on your Fire TV Stick.

Most Fire TV Stick apps are free, but some require an upfront payment, and others require a monthly fee or a cable subscription to work.

Fire TV Stick: How to Download/Install Apps


How do I use my Fire Stick to watch free TV?

Pluto, Tubi, and Xumo are some Fire Stick apps that provide free live TV. If you have a subscription to a local TV provider, you can watch local TV channels on your Fire Stick. If you have a cable subscription, there are also Fire Stick apps for cable networks.

How do I uninstall an app from my Fire Stick?

Go to Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications to delete apps from your Fire Stick. Uninstall an app by selecting it.

How can I install apps on my Fire TV Stick?

To install apps from unknown sources on your Fire Stick, go to Settings and enable both ADB debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources. Then, download the Downloader app and use it to search for third-party apps online.

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