British Mom Warned Against Moving to U.S. After Roe v. Wade Overturning


Following the Roe v. Wade decision, a British mother ignited internet discussion when she pondered whether to relocate her kids to live with their American father there.

The mother had intended to relocate to the United States before having children, but she stayed in her native England because her husband had already spent a lot of time working abroad.

Now that her husband is working less, the mother is thinking of moving, but she acknowledged that she has “some worry” about living in America and that recently, things have not been going well between them.


The mother, who is legally permitted to reside and work in the United States, said that she felt “sick with guilt and dread” about her choice since her children would be “damaged” because her husband was unable to relocate to the United Kingdom for a variety of reasons.

Many others cautioned against leaving, using the recent Roe v. Wade decision as justification; they also noted that, should she and her husband divorce, it may be challenging for the mother to leave America with her children.

Supreme Court Decision


The Roe v. Wade judgment, which had safeguarded a pregnant woman’s right to seek an abortion for over 50 years, was overturned by the Supreme Court in a decision that was made public on Friday.

He can’t move here for a variety of reasons, she posted on Mumsnet as Flowersatdawn90.

“I am feeling very guilty that if I do not move to the USA to be with their father, then my children will grow up seeing their father very infrequently, which is causing me more anxiety because I feel they will miss out on having a father and this would be my fault and I keep having thoughts on how I am harming them.


“Just the notion of them losing out and being harmed by my choices kills me. I love them so much and want the best for them.”

The article, which can be seen here, garnered 270 comments, many of which stated that in light of the Supreme Court’s judgment, they would make a “flat no” decision.

“I don’t want to go to America. I’m also curious as to why he can’t relocate here because, to me, that in and of itself raises a red flag. Just a simple no given recent American actions,” one person said.


After Roe v. Wade was overturned, another person said: “No way would I go to America; women’s rights are very low on their list of priorities.”

The state “thinks it owns my daughter’s body,” according to a third, so they wouldn’t even believe about relocating there.

While acknowledging that there may be “many problems with America right now,” the mother expressed concern that her children would suffer later in life as a result of growing up without a father.


They also have several cousins and loving grandparents in the United States, the author noted. “I can’t help but believe that by not providing children with a father, I am holding them back. I am extremely guilty.

Who Loves Them: A “Great Father”

He is a wonderful parent and adores them, she continued. If he wasn’t working, he would be in this room with us. He would see them even less given his current lack of travel.


“If we relocate there, he will stay with them always, and they will have a mother and a father to raise them,” he said. They constantly ask for him. I’m so upset and guilty that I’m solely to blame for this. I merely want them to be content.

Though several readers persisted in opposing the relocation, one said: “If you’re not getting along great, I would suggest moving to the US for him is the last thing you should be doing.”

It might be worthwhile to look into what would happen in terms of child custody if you were to go to the US, have a failed marriage, and then wanted to take the kids back to the UK. It probably wouldn’t be as easy as just boarding an aircraft with them, as international child custody issues are complicated, added another.


Another responded: “No way, you’re trapped if you go there, and what if you don’t like it? You won’t be permitted to take the kids with you. Children need a happy mother, and that is far more vital than anything else.

“This tells you all you need to know about their father because if he were similarly concerned, he would have found a way to get here, but he obviously isn’t. There is no assurance that he will want to be more active in their lives than he does now if you relocate there.

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