Black Mesa rival Half-Life: Alyx Levitation


One of Valve’s most anticipated VR FPS mods, Half-Life: Alyx Leviathan, has released its first gameplay trailer, showcasing the game’s grandiose scale and dynamic gunplay.

(Image credit: Corey Laddo / Shawn Snelling)

After the Xbox and Bethesda Showcases, a 7-minute gameplay footage of Alyx exploring an abandoned skyscraper and mining operation was shown at the PC Gaming Show. While she’s not alone, there are plenty of Combine troops and headcrab zombies ready to attack her.

Instead of a complete revamp, Levitation is being marketed as an addition of Half-Life: Alyx rather than a completely new experience. Shooting the Combine while hiding behind cover is one thing; dodging the pincers of leaping headcrabs is another. You’ll also have to fiddle with the physics of your surroundings in order to get an advantage in firefights.


It’s all really polished, with well-thought-out open fighting scenes interspersed with tense downtime. With its verticality and scale, Levitation looks well at home next to Valve’s original, its production value alone sets it apart from other modifications in the genre. Discover more in the gameplay trailer found right here!

The teaser for Levitation hinted to Russell’s return, while G-Man can be seen lurking in the shadows in this newest gameplay preview. Those two resistance warriors who went missing after researching a mysterious floating building in Sector-X of City 17 are the focus of Levitation’s debut trailer.

Level designer Shawn Snelling, who has previously worked on a number of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive levels, is teaming up with animator Corey Laddo on Half-Life: Alyx Levitation. A free version of the game will be available on Steam Workshop in the third quarter of 2023 — July, August, and September – for four to five hours of gameplay.


The Half-Life community is abuzz with anticipation for Levitation, a third-party replica of the original Half-Life that many hope will be as amazing as Black Mesa. A commercial version of that game was published in 2020 to considerable excitement after receiving the support of Valve. The designers of Levitation are presumably looking for the same success.

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