Best way to put on a duvet cover in 4 easy steps


Here’s how to quickly put on a duvet cover.

Someone laying down duvet cover on bed (Image credit: Shutterstock)

It can take a long time to change fresh bedding. And you’ll probably need to know how to swiftly put on a duvet cover if you enjoy cuddling up under one of the greatest duvets. If you typically struggle to put on a duvet cover and wind up with a lumpy or crumpled mess, this is frequently the cause. However, there are helpful techniques on how to put on a duvet cover more quickly and efficiently if you don’t want to constantly restarting.

So that you may save time and make bed-making tasks a breeze, here’s how to put on a duvet cover in just four simple steps.


How to place the cover on the duvet (the traditional method)

  1. Spread out the duvet by first laying it flat on the mattress. Make sure the duvet’s tag is at the top of the bed so that when it is inserted, it will be at the bottom of the cover.
  2. After that, reverse the duvet cover. Spread the duvet cover out on top of the duvet while standing at the foot of the bed, with the open end closest to you.
  3. Reach all the way through the duvet cover with your hands through the bottom opening so that you can grip onto the two top corners of the cover close to the head of the bed. Next, use your left hand to pinch the left corner and your right hand to pinch the right corner.
  4. After that, grab the corners of the duvet and slide the cover over your hands and over the remaining duvet. Onto the duvet, shake the duvet cover while adjusting it as you go. Close the buttons or snaps at the cover’s bottom once it is fully affixed to the duvet. To ensure that the duvet is level and wrinkle-free on the bed, give it one last shake.

How to place the cover on the duvet (the California roll method)

As an alternative, you may use the burrito-shaped bed-making hack, often known as the California roll technique.

  1. Lay your duvet on top of the inside-out, flat duvet cover. The buttons should be toward the end of the bed.
  2. Using the shortest side at the top, begin tightly wrapping the duvet cover inside the duvet and continue wrapping all the way to the end, forming a burrito shape.
  3. After that, spread the buttons open and wrap one side of them around the tube you just made. After closing the duvet’s buttons, roll it out while holding onto the sides.

How frequently should my duvet be washed?

Washing duvet in machine (Image credit: Shutterstock)

Experts advise washing your bedsheets once a week and your duvet at least every two weeks. However, you should wash more frequently if you have pets or suffer from allergies.

To keep your bedding fresh and clean, when you’re changing your duvet, look up how to wash a pillow, how to wash a weighted blanket, or how to make white sheets brighter.


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