Apple Watch 8 health sensor major upgrade ‘is a go’

Reportedly, the Apple Watch 8 can detect fever.

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According to trustworthy Apple insider and Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, the next Apple Watch 8 may include a whole new body temperature sensor.

Gurman, who had earlier faced some uncertainty, reiterates in this most recent issue of his Power On newsletter(opens in new tab) that the new sensor will be introduced this year. The feature, according to Gurman, “is now a go for both the basic Apple Watch Series 8 and a new tough variant that’s targeted at extreme sports athletes.”


Given the necessity for cost savings and the need of having something to upsell potential buyers, he continues, “It’s unlikely to be included in the next version of the lower-end SE, which is also due this year.”

To be clear, at least in Apple’s own integration, it doesn’t appear that the integration would truly display your temperature like a traditional thermometer would (app makers may have more access). Instead, it will notify you of significant temperature fluctuations that may be indicative of a fever and then advise consulting a specialist or a special thermometer for a second opinion.

This may be a reflection of the challenges involved in taking a reliable temperature reading from the wrist, which isn’t the best location. When describing Apple’s continued issues with the functionality, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo stated: “The challenge in adopting exact body temperature measurement is that skin temperature swiftly varies based on outside surroundings. Hardware limitations prevent a smartwatch from supporting core temperature measurement, therefore it needs a great algorithm to function.


In other words, Apple might not be comfortable with its measures to publish the hardware’s estimate of your actual temperature, but it ought to be perceptive enough to recognize the significant fluctuations brought on by a fever. It remains to be seen if this indicates that it isn’t precise enough for applications requiring greater accuracy, such as fertility tracking or athlete rehab advice.

Gurman states in other places that any hardware modifications “will presumably be small,” using the same CPU as the last two Apple Watch models. On the higher-end models, there is potential for unspecified screen upgrades. Gurman continued, “I’m hoping they’re brighter. Furthermore, one promising rumor is that the Apple Watch 8 will have a longer battery life due to a purported low power mode.




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