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Apple VR/AR headset will get Hollywood material, reportedly


According to reports, Jon Favreau is on board, but there are a number of issues.

image credits: macrumors

Many expect Apple’s long-delayed AR/VR headset to make an appearance at WWDC 2022 after the company trademarked realityOS.

Although we won’t know for sure until tomorrow whether this is true, according to The New York Times(opens in new tab), the headset will be available in the second half of next year with the support of some of Hollywood’s biggest names.


In the allegation, “Hollywood directors like as Jon Favreau” have been hired by Apple to produce video content for the tablet. The source particularly highlights Favreau’s work on Prehistoric Planet for Apple TV Plus, which suggests that the business will be relying on its newly created streaming relationships to build content for the project.

Even with Apple’s seemingly limitless resources, launching a new product line is always a gamble. The path hasn’t been without its challenges, both technical and conceptual.

Specifically, the Times story cites battery life issues as the primary reason for the delay in the launching of the device. At least two members of Apple’s “industrial design team” have left the company over “concerns about designing a product that would transform the way people interact.”


Even if Apple’s foray into virtual and augmented reality does not have a significant influence, the corporation is undoubtedly banking on it. Considering how much money Apple makes from smartphones, Ming-Chi Kuo believes that Apple has long-term plans for such headsets to replace the iPhone. That’s a lofty goal for most, to say the least.

Is it feasible that we’ll receive our first glimpse of this future tomorrow? However, “software tools that would allow apps to add new camera and voice features” are expected, according to the study. Customers who wear the Apple headphones will be able to use a “hands-free interface” with this, it appears.

Mark Gurman, a well-known Bloomberg reporter, has also advised people to lower their expectations for the AR and VR devices we’ll see in the near future.


As he wrote last week, “Though Apple’s planned mixed-reality headgear is fully ahead — reinforced by a recent demonstration of the device to the company’s board,” there is little reason to expect a full-blown presentation for developers and customers next week.

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