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10 Best Kodi Builds of 2022 updated November

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This article discusses the best Kodi builds for the FireStick, Android mobile devices, Windows, Mac, and other Kodi-compatible platforms. This list contains builds that work with both Kodi 18 Leia and Kodi 19 Matrix.

Having a Kodi build made for your house and family can help you save time and energy. Because you do not need to search for and install any add-ons. However, choosing the ideal Kodi setup to get started might be difficult at times. There are numerous Kodi builds to select from, and we have done all of the legwork for you. You can find the greatest Kodi builds on the market in our article below.

The Kodi builds listed here are safe to use, user-friendly, and contain carefully selected content. As a result, you can rely on them to provide the greatest streaming experience. We’ve also created a list of things to think about when selecting and utilising Kodi builds.

We have been testing these builds on a regular basis and will update this post as needed. We’d love to hear about your experience as well. Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

What are Kodi Builds?

Kodi is an open-source, free media player that can be found on a variety of operating systems and devices. It works well with users of Windows, macOS, Android, Linux, tvOS, and iOS. Kodi builds are the mixture of multiple Kodi add-ons installed without a distinct add-on. Kodi Builds turns Kodi into a streaming platform. Kodi is supported by streaming devices such as Android TV Boxes, Amazon Firesticks, and Kodi Boxes.

24 Best Kodi Builds in 2022

10 Best Kodi Builds in 2022 | Get Your Build Now With The Best Options

There are hundreds of Kodi builds available on the internet; I have selected the top ones below. They all stand out in terms of aesthetics and utility, as most Kodi builds are not well-organized or visually appealing. You can select the best option from the list provided below.

1. Route 66

10 Best Kodi Builds in 2022 | Get Your Build Now With The Best Options

Route 66 is quick, light, and responsive. This has a “themeless” mode that reduces the need for processing power and performance speed. Route 66 is the greatest choice for running Kodi on a streaming device such as the FireStick. It would completely change the Kodi viewing experience. You may watch live TV, movies, sports, and other content without interruption. You have the authority to browse well-organized stuff in all categories quickly.

2. Xenon

10 Best Kodi Builds in 2022 | Get Your Build Now With The Best Options

Xenon, also known as Diggz Xenon, is a Kodi build designed for streaming devices such as Android TV boxes and Firestick. Get your hands on some of the best films and TV shows, such as Black Bird, The Terminal List, and The Orville. In addition, you can watch documentaries, animation, music, and sports. It contains add-ons such as Seren, Asgard, and Black Lightning that provide more stuff to look for with simple installation and up-to-date content.

3. Atomic Matrix

10 Best Kodi Builds in 2022 | Get Your Build Now With The Best Options

Atomic Matrix includes popular add-ons such as Magic Dragon, The Crew, Seren, and Asgard. You can install extra add-ons that include a large library of movies. As soon as you install it, you’ll discover a wealth of amazing information. With its updated material, it can be combined with hosters such as Premiumize and Real Debrid to provide more streaming sources. Use the Misfit Mods Repository to simply install it.

4. No Limits Magic Build

10 Best Kodi Builds in 2022 | Get Your Build Now With The Best Options

The No Limits Magic Build enhances the Kodi interface and makes it simple to add and remove add-ons. You may watch live TV, sports, movies, TV shows, and other material. There are two No Limits Magic Build versions available: Lite and Full.

When it comes to lightweight FireStick alternatives, No Limits Lite is the finest. The complete version is available to non-FireStick users. Adult entertainment is available in both the Lite and Full versions.

Installing the build is simple, and it allows you to install another build on top of it. It can occasionally cause problems with Kodi, so you should perform a fresh install to avoid conflicts. This Kodi setup is powered by a sleek

5. Equinox

10 Best Kodi Builds in 2022 | Get Your Build Now With The Best Options

The Resort, Black Wood, and Unboxed are just a few of the amazing TV series and movies available on Equinox. With packages of popular add-ons like The Crew, Patriot, and Chains, the UI is engaging. You’ll find content categorised into categories such as live TV, movies, and documentaries. It is simple to install from the Diggz Matrix Repository.

6. Misfits Mod Lite

10 Best Kodi Builds in 2022 | Get Your Build Now With The Best Options

Misfits Mod Lite is the greatest Kodi build for watching sports and live television. The Lite version is appropriate for devices with lower processing power. It runs smoothly and responsively on the Amazon FireStick. Kodi includes an attractive theme and a well-optimized display for easy browsing. When using Misfits Mod and its plugins, be sure to use a VPN. Always be cautious because the build contains add-ons with copyrighted content that may land you in legal trouble. When you unintentionally view any of this stuff, VPN protects you.

7. Bio-Hazard

10 Best Kodi Builds in 2022 | Get Your Build Now With The Best Options

Bio-Hazard is a quick Kodi build with a minimalist approach. It boasts a basic, lightweight design that works well with low-power devices such as the Amazon FireStick. The UI is simple to use and free of lag. This Kodi installation includes content such as TV episodes, movies, and live sports feeds.

8. Silvo

Silvio has a simple build and a robust and reliable performance. It includes a tidy and clear menu for easy navigation. Then there’s a plethora of content to choose from, including live TV, sports, movies, and children’s entertainment. It works well with devices such as the FireStick. This Kodi build does not have any lag.

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9. Envision MQ7 

10 Best Kodi Builds in 2022 | Get Your Build Now With The Best Options

Envision MQ7 includes a number of features that have been specifically intended to enhance the streaming experience. You may watch live TV, sports, movies, and TV episodes after installing this Kodi build. Use the Kodi build for the SciFi experience if you enjoy aesthetics. Its interface can be clunky and sluggish at times due to the vast quantity of needless add-ons in the build. You can select the best add-ons for you.

10. Innovation Colors

10 Best Kodi Builds in 2022 | Get Your Build Now With The Best Options

Innovation Colors provides access to shows, documentaries, movies, and live TV on all platforms. There are two Kodi builds for streaming explicit content: Family and Adult. A well-designed, fluid interface is provided for easy navigating. Its library contains several forms of content. All of the shows are labelled and grouped, making it simple to find them. It has a user-friendly design as well as a responsive UI.

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How to Choose the Best Kodi Builds?

10 Best Kodi Builds in 2022 | Get Your Build Now With The Best Options

All of the Kodi builds featured in this post are safe to use; nonetheless, we would want to shed some light on how to choose the best Kodi to build for your home that best meets your needs. Here are a few additional pointers to help you achieve the finest Kodi builds:

1. Use Kodi builds from verified sources 

Install plugins from reputable sources because they are less likely to contain malware or viruses.

2. Scan for Virus

To avoid any damage to your device, always scan the file before installing it. Hackers may attempt to gain access to the device by encrypting a Kodi build with malicious software.

3. Disable installation from Unknown Sources 

After installing the selected Kodi builds, remember to disable the option in the “add-ons” page. It protects you from downloading and installing unwanted or hazardous add-ons.

How To Use Kodi Safely?

10 Best Kodi Builds in 2022 | Get Your Build Now With The Best Options

Some Kodi builds can be dangerous due to infringement and copyright issues. You will have no problems with the Kodi builds if the following instructions are followed.

1. Virus Scans

Always do a malware scan before downloading a Kodi build. It aids in the detection of viruses, malware, and undesirable add-ons in the system. Downloading and installing Kodi builds may increase your device’s vulnerability to infection.

2. Use Kodi With a VPN

When utilising Kodi builds, choose those that include data and surfing behaviour that is logged and monitored by the ISP. Data cannot be captured and sold, but it can be transferred to authorities; thus, use Kodi in conjunction with a VPN. The data is routed over a secret, encrypted tunnel through VPN, rendering the streaming activity unreadable. When travelling abroad, VPNs allow you to access geo-restricted content such as Netflix’s US library or Hulu.

3. Perform a Fresh Install

To enhance the operating capabilities of the Kodi build, always do a new install. This will uninstall all previous add-ons and ensure that the new installation processes run smoothly. As a result, you can avoid future installation issues. Install a new build or restore the default settings of the Kodi builds. It would free up space and lessen the possibility of a faulty installation.

4. Delete Unwanted add-ons

Unwanted add-ons can take up a lot of space and potentially slow down your device in some Kodi configurations. You can delete these files by following the procedures below:

  • Look for the name of the add-on and put a right-click on them.
  • Left-click on Information.
  • Select “Uninstall.”

You may easily uninstall the add-on. Keep in mind that the add-on is already installed in your system. To fully remove it, open the Kodi builds zip file and delete the plugins.

Wrapping Up

I hope you were able to obtain some of the top Kodi builds that piqued your interest! The next step is to install them carefully by following the instructions on our website. Remember that a Good Kodi VPN is required for personal safety, encryption, and anonymity!

If you’re new to Kodi and want to give it a shot, I recommend getting the Amazon Fire TV Stick. Jailbreaking a FireStick for streaming with Kodi builds is simple and not even illegal.

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